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"Stethoscopes & Strokes" Virtual Paint Party!


Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 7:00pm ET - 9:00pm ET
This event has ended.



The Georgia Nurses Association Political Action Committee is hosting this virtual paint party. Get your canvas (or wine glass) and join us for an evening of strokes and fun! Have your favorite drink or appetizer and get ready for some fun!


Additional Information

All registrants will be asked to create an account with us. No worries! It is for communication purposes only.

Steven Carroll from Inspirational Designs By DRE will lead us to paint the image below on a canvas or wine glass (your choice!). 

Whether you are new to painting or have some experience under your belt, we invite you to join the fun!


Proceeds from this virtual paint party will go towards the GN-PAC to help us continue to protect your ability to practice and earn a living in Georgia. Your contribution will also support candidates for office who are strong advocates on behalf of nursing.

Painting supplies

Participants should purchase a 16 x 20 canvas, basic acrylic paint, paint brushes, and something to cover work area such as plastic or newspaper. Materials can easily be purchased at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon, or Blicks Arts (not limited to these stores).

    • Optional: Michaels Art Supply Store has 16X20 Canvases pack of 5 for $10.99. Highly recommended for participants to split cost of the pack to save money.
    • Optional: Michaels Art Supply Store has a basic paint brush set for $5 - $10.
    • Optional: Wine Glass can be purchased for $1 at Walmart.
    • Optional: Acrylic Paint Set (Could range between $10 - $40)

Acrylic Colors Needed: White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow. Disclaimer: Will require color mixing if participant does not purchase a paint set and want other secondary colors.

Additional information

  • The GN-PAC will receive 20% proceeds per item from any products purchased on Inspirational Designs By Dre website by participants. Coupon code: GAPAC20%
  • All registrants will be asked to create an account with us. No worries! It is for communication purposes only. 
  • For questions or inquiries, please contact GNA Communications Manager Charlotte Baez-Diaz at

About the Artist

Steven Carroll, a native of Decatur, Georgia, is a contemporary abstract artist. His childhood involvement in music and art cultivated an interest in drawing and painting. Unlike most artists studying art, Steven attended Tennessee State University and received a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a Master’s in Educational Technology.

In 2016, Steven began an entrepreneurial spirit by investing and birthing his own art company, Inspirational Designs By DRE. The company encompasses two different sectors: paint parties (publicly – local lounges and privately – company, birthday, etc.) and contemporary art paintings. WSB-TV Atlanta Channel 2 Action News website featured Steven's paintings from the March 2019 Pancake and Booze Atlanta Art Show. Steven's popular painting of African American abolitionist Frederick Douglass is a favorite of his audience. Steven captures the hearts and minds of art enthusiasts with motivating messages of inspiration through his contemporary abstract art.