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GNA Introduces New Column "Ask a Nurse Attorney!"

Posted about 5 years ago by Charlotte Endemano

April 22, 2019

GNA is proud to introduce its new online and print column "Ask a Nurse Attorney!We are excited to give nurses the opportunity to submit general practice questions to Nurse Attorney Hahnah Williams, Esq, RN.  Selected questions and answers will appear in this “Ask A Nurse Attorney” column and on our quarterly print newsletter Georgia Nursing.  Your identity will not be revealed. 

It is important to note that Hahnah Williams’ responses are not specific legal advice nor are they to be used as such.  This column and Hahnah Williams’ posts are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as specific legal or other advice.  Individuals who need legal advice should contact a nurse attorney or attorney in their state. 

To ask Hahnah a question, click HERE.

About Hahnah

Hahnah Williams is an attorney and registered nurse in Georgia.  As a dual professional, Ms. Williams has a unique blend of education, training and experience in the fields of medicine and law. Ms. Williams combined this knowledge and experience to develop a law practice representing nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals in licensing issues before their respective licensing Boards, including the Georgia Board of Nursing.  Hahnah also represents healthcare professionals in medical malpractice defense cases.  Hahnah has conducted several seminars and webinars on legal issues in healthcare through her legal education business “For the Scrubs.”  For more information about Hahnah visit Hahnah can also be reached at  You can also follow her on Facebook here and Instagram here