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GNA Introduces New Lean Six Sigma Certification Classes, Powered by The Quality Coaching, Co.

Posted about 1 year ago by Charlotte Baez Diaz

About the Free Introductory Webinar

This Georgia Nurses Association (GNA) sponsored webinar will introduce you to Lean Six Sigma, a business transformation methodology that is now imperative amongst healthcare organizations and administrative leaders seeking career advancement. Chances are that you have heard about the career advancement benefits that Lean Six Sigma training and certification can generate. Join in on this free webinar to learn directly the tremendous impact that learning and applying Lean Six Sigma can have on your organization, as well as your salary and growth potential.

As part of this free webinar, you will learn how GNA will make it easy to earn your Lean Six Sigma certification with upcoming training programs, highlighted by a blend of classroom and virtual training sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between lean and six sigma as business transformation methodologies;
  • Name the rationale for each tip for success presented;
  • Learn about mops, pops, and sops, and how lean, six sigma, both or neither approach can impact your organization;
  • Present additional tips to get started today.

Who Should Attend This Webinar: 

There is always a huge demand for Lean Six Sigma trained professionals across all levels of the healthcare industry. Lean six sigma trained leaders are not only found in administrative levels, but across all departmental structures. Healthcare professionals with below-mentioned backgrounds should consider joining in on this free webinar:

  • Clinical and Operational Healthcare Administrators
  • Public and Population Health Leaders
  • Health Informatics Professionals
  • Current master’s students completing healthcare-based degree program (i.e. MHA, MPH, MSN, etc.)
  • Healthcare Administrative Fellows
  • Healthcare Quality Leaders
  • Healthcare Analysts
  • Healthcare Customer and Patient Services

About Introduction to Lean Workshop

Many healthcare organizations have implemented quality improvement methodologies in support of their goal to reduce preventable harm events, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance outcomes with the patient experience. Introduction to Lean Healthcare is a six-hour, blended-learning workshop that will engage participants in the use of Lean methodologies and tools that are designed to streamline and improve clinical care and operational processes. This Lean training workshop will develop and inspire to you to more efficiently improve work environments, so that more value can be delivered to your patients and family-members.


This workshop will:

  • Explain Why the implementation of Lean is vital to the continuous improvement of a healthcare system.
  • Describe the five key principles of Lean, and how they work in a healthcare environment.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the Lean implementation team.
  • Discuss how these roles can be integrated into an organization.

Workshop Fee

  • GNA Member: $225
  • Non-GNA Member: $295

Course Format

  • Blended-Training
  • The Introduction to Lean Healthcare Workshop entails 4 total hours of instruction and hands-on interaction and centers around the five key principles of Lean.
  • Online (1-hour): Students will be provided access to relevant e-learning modules. They will complete online quizzes on Lean terminology and Fundamentals.
  • Classroom (3-hours): Class time will be used for material review, peer discussion, demonstrations, and problem-based learning focused on real healthcare Lean and quality improvement scenarios.

About Jarvis T. Gray

Jarvis T. Gray is the Managing Director of The Quality Coaching Co- a firm that helps healthcare organizations foster cultures of system-wide quality improvement by offering customized leader coaching, training, and consulting programs centered on improving the quality of their care delivery services and health outcomes, eliminating waste and achieving cost reductions, and enhancing the patient experience. 

Mr. Gray offers 12+ years of strategic planning, quality improvement and operations leadership experience in the healthcare industry. he has been an effective partner with highly notable organizations in the field; earning a reputation as a go-to resource for facilitating strategic decisions and driving successful implementations.

Jarvis can be reached at

For questions, please contact Charlotte Baez-Diaz at Or at 404-325-5536, etx. 101.