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Introducing our newest partner, Matchwell

Posted 8 months ago by Charlotte Baez Diaz

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, we launched our brand new partnership with Matchwell. 

Launched in the metro-Atlanta area in March of 2019 and quickly expanding its footprint across Georgia, Matchwell is the online clinician marketplace that empowers healthcare facilities to access and directly engage with curated pools of pre-qualified clinicians for on-demand or contract assignments without a staffing agency.

We believe in its mission which is “…to save the healthcare industry one billion dollars by revolutionizing the way facilities and clinicians come together for flexible work.” 

A few reasons to join include: 

1. It’s 100% free for nurses and only takes seconds to start your account.

2. You can store and manage your credentials at no additional cost.

3. You get access to all opening and shift types – from per diem to full time.

4. You can directly communicate with hiring managers on the platform.

5. You have the ability to select the jobs that work for you based on your schedule and preferred pay rate.

6. Every match made results in a vaccine being donated to someone in need.

7. Healthcare facilities can easily connect with flex work clinicians in order to fill openings and care for more patients.

8. By removing the middleman, we can save the healthcare industry $1 billion in agency fees.

9. This is your chance to be part of the solution that is revolutionizing the way healthcare work happens in order to positively impact millions.

We are excited about this partnership because this is one way we can “Empower Georgia Nurses to Lead Change and Improve Health.”

Learn more and join for free at