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Nurses work around the clock to relocate patients impacted by pipe rupture at Grady Memorial Hospital

Posted 8 months ago by Charlotte Baez Diaz

According to a CBS46 news article, on Saturday, December 7, 2019, “[a] pipe ruptured on the sixth floor [at Grady Hospital] and damaged several patient care areas and caused a power outage to some areas of the hospital. Nearly 150 patients had to be relocated.”

Nurses at Grady, Northside, and WellStar went the extra mile to ensure that patients were carefully relocated and in good hands.

CBS46 spoke with Debbie McGauley, wife of one of the patients affected by the incident, who stated that "The nurses are working around the clock, they are doing their very best."

We are extremely thankful for the exemplary work of these nurses and for the honorable service they provided and continue to provide for the care of these patients. We commend you and we are proud to be your colleagues!

Source: CBS46