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Call to action on Safe Staffing, GNA-PAP, and APRN bills. Contact these legislators today before 2 pm EST!

Posted 25 days ago by Charlotte Baez Diaz

Nursing Workforce and Safety


FY2022 Budget

  • $150,000 for GNA-Peer Assistance Program Fund - aides nurse’s recovery from substance-use disorder and puts them back on the path of being gainfully employed. Peer-to-peer support groups, drug screen testing, and monitoring are all required of participants enrolled in the 12-week recovery program. Additionally, the GNA-PAP educates healthcare systems and institutions of higher education about substance use disorder, and the warning signs to recognize when their nurses need help.
    • The FY22 Budget was passed by the house but did not include funding for GN-PAP. The senate version of the FY22 Budget was passed this week and includes $75,000 for GN-PAP
      • Call to Action: GNA requests constituents of the FY22 conference committee (listed below) contact their Senator or Representative to request that funding for the GN-PAP be included in the FY22 State budget





  • HB430 (Powell, 32nd) this legislation would create a separate APRN license, allow APRNs and PAs to do Home health service orders and Allow the BON to collect nursing workforce data
    • This legislation was tabled in the House Regulated Industries Committee on 3/2/2021 so that the bill can be referred to GORRC (Georgia Occupational Regulation Review Council) which reviews all legislation relating to the licensure of professions


Read the complete legislative update here.


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