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GNA Members Dr. Shawn Little, Dr. Sherry Danello, and Dr. Tanya Sudia appointed to the Healthcare Workforce Commission

Posted 5 months ago by Charlotte Baez Diaz in Advocacy

June 27, 2022- On Friday, June 24th, Governor Brian P. Kemp announced his appointees to the Healthcare Workforce Commission. Georgia Nurses Foundation Board of Trustees Member Dr. Shawn Little, former GNA Director of Membership Development Dr. Sherry Danello, and GNA Member Dr. Tanya Sudia are three of the 15 appointees. 

The Commission will conduct a study of the State's current healthcare workforce pipeline and will make recommendations for attracting and keeping more healthcare workers. 

"Across Georgia, communities are in need of nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, emergency medical personnel, and other clinical and nonclinical personnel," said Governor Kemp in a press release. "I am confident these 15 individuals from every corner of our state have the experience, skills, and drive needed to tackle the issues facing our healthcare industry head-on, and I look forward to their findings shaping solutions in the coming years."




Doctors Little, Danello, and Sudia's appointments represent a remarkable accomplishment in ensuring that more nurses seat at the table where decisions are made that affect healthcare, Georgians, and the nursing profession. GNA works tirelessly to ensure that Georgia's nurses are represented in every arena and conversation.


Cynthia Holloway 15 days ago

Congratulations Dr. Little!

Angela Murphy 15 days ago

Congratulations ladies!!!!

Chrystal Hamilton 15 days ago

Congratulations Dr. Little!!

Joy King 1 day ago


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